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Under Pressure Leak Sealing:

Furmanite has developed more than twenty-two types of sealing compounds to carry out leak sealing under pressure, for most products, hydrocarbon/chemical. The techniques employed are the result of 50 years expertise and with the accumulated experience and knowledge of over 300 technicians currently sealing various types of leaks around the world.

Sealing leaks on-line and under pressure creates a host of benefits. Our techniques not only avoid a plant shutdown and permit production throughout, but also avoid wastage of energy and products while enhancing plant safety. Noise levels, pollution and erosion damage can also be significantly reduced.

Furmanite can deal with virtually every type of leak problem, be it a leaking flange, valve gland, heat exchanger joint, screwed coupling, pipe union or pinholed pipe. Furmanite have the capability to seal leaks of steam, water, hydrocarbons and gas- including 300 types of chemicals - at temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 600ºC and at pressures from vacuum to 350 kg/cm2.

"Trevitest" On-line Safety & Relief Valve Testing:

Developed and patented worldwide by Furmanite, the revolutionary Trevitest system tests Safety & Relief Valves on-line either under normal operating conditions (hot testing) or under no pressure (cold testing).

The Trevitest principle is to apply a force to the valve spindle to overcome the spring tension of the valve. This is achieved using a hydraulic power pack in conjunction with an electronic force transducer linked to a pen recorder, which traces the force applied.

The recorded date together with a knowledge of the valve seat area and the line pressure of the valve in question, enables the set pressure to be calculated.

Trevitest, tests the valves with no interruption to plant production, thus achieving considerable cost savings and operational advantages. Additionally, for safety reasons, the valve would be free to pop throughout the Trevitest operation, should it be an actual requirement.

Trevitest can be also used for cold testing. This testing enables identification of valves, which are in need of overhaul, if carried out immediately after the shutdown. It also keeps a footprint record of any valve performance after a complete overhauling.

On-site Machining:

Furmanite's On-site Machining service provides industries with fast, economical solutions to maintenance/machining problems.

Using standard portable machines designed and manufactured in-house to appropriate national and international standards and/or using a special machine designed specifically for a job need, Furmanite's highly skilled technicians provide complete in-situ machining services.

The wide range of machining capabilities include, flange facing upto 7 mtrs. diameter, Laser Aligned Self-Leveling Mills suitable for turbine casing or crane pedestal, Portable Boring Bars with linear bearings to 3.5 Mtrs. diameter, Stud Drilling, Thread Cutting, Pipe Cutting, Weld Preparation, Journal Turning and Tyre Grinding.

Facing different applications, day by day, Furmanite On-Site Machining Technicians accumulated a very high technical capabilities to provide engineering methods to support different set-ups, design of jigs, fixtures, modification of machine's parts etc.

Hot Tapping & On-Line Plugging:

Hot Tapping is a technique employed by Furmanite for making a connection to piping or vessels while the existing system is under pressure.

Furmanite holds a complete series of Hot Tapping equipment suitable for working on pipeline pressure upto 100 bar g at 38ºC or upto 48 bar g at 370ºC. Tapping sizes range from 6mm to 1000mm and can be either size on size tap or tank taps, e.g. a 300mm tap on a 15 meter diameter vessel.

Applying the API Standards, ASME Codes, Furmanite Engineers are capable of designing all types of Hot Tapping fittings such as; split bolted/welded tees, branch's nozzles, weldolets, lock-in bars, plugging tees .. etc.

Controlled Bolting Services:

Furmanite U.A.E. Limited offers a variety of techniques comprising of Bolt Tensioning, an accurate method of tightening threaded fasteners using advanced hydraulic technology. Torque Tightening, using a range of the latest hydraulic torque wrenches and accurate Bolt Stress Measurement by mechanical or ultrasonic means.

Pipe Freezing:

Pipe freezing is acknowledged a fast, safe and highly cost-effective method for the temporary isolation of piping systems to enable maintenance operations or pipework modification to be carried out.

Nitrogen Services:

Along with its facilities for Pipe Freezing, Furmanite has considered taking the advantage of the Nitrogen Equipment to complete its services package for plant shutdown and startup by providing a comprehensive range of Nitrogen services that include:
a. Purging/Inerting.
b. Pressure Testing
c. Mothballing.
d. Helium Leak Testing/Leak Detection.


Furmanite will continue to utilise all our group resources to remain the top customers on-site specialist engineering service company and to maintain the high levels of trust and respect we currently enjoy from our existing customer base.

Furmanite would be delighted to be given the opportunity to earn the same standing from any potential customers requiring the services we offer.

FURMANITE UAE Limited - The Solutions Group
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